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13-15.06.2015: Moscow - 0km - Russia

Moscow. Wow... what a great and odd feeling to finally be in the city that always was on your mind when hearing about Russia, Gorbachev, Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev, Putin, the cold war, the lousy roads, the madness of poverty and extreme richness and decadence in one and same breath, 1000EUR entry fees for night clubs, icy winters, fur hats, Russianbrides.com, Kremlin, the madman of Mathias Rust landing his Cesna plane on the Red Square to prove that Russian military wasnt as high tech as thought, Assange, Snowden, Cuba Crisis, Pussy Riots, Gorky Park, blacked out cars driving at out of space speeds through rush hour, Mafia and gang show down and settlements at daylight, their amazing metro and its stations, military parades, Kasparov, day long queues at the first Mc Donalds opening 30th January 1990 and the stories go on. Moscow was somehow always present in our daily lives (yes... that also goes for my generation). I was supposed to go back in 1996 when living in Kiev but never made it, and now I was waking up in this city.

12.06.2015: Budogosh-Moscow - 725km- Russia

Early rise. Really wanted to get to Moscow today.

Since my experience of living one year in Kiev back in 96, I was always of the opinion that good vodka doesn't give hangover and the vodka yesterday in the room of my new Russian friends was good. Must have been the pasta I had for dinner then that caused this gentle knocking on the inside of my skull combined with too little sleep and a super hard workout yesterday.

11.06.2015: Sct Petersburg-Budogosh - 355km - Russia

Next stop was going to be Moscow. The thing about the Sct Petersburg-Moscow road is that it is a approx 800km long straight line of tarmac with nothing else but forest on both sides and trucks and more trucks. Not really what I was up for, but also knew that winging it trying to find off road parts along the way in an area known for its wetlands wasnt really an option neither. Internet!

09-10.06.2015: Sct Petersburg - 0km - Part 2 - Russia

No text... just some more photos...

09-10.06.2015: Sct Petersburg - 0km - Part 1 - Russia

Just checked when I took my first photo the 9th after breakfast at the hostel I stayed at and when I took the last. There were 12h between them and I know that I arrived super late to the hostel the 9th... and that basically sums up pretty well what I did in Sct Petersburg, also previously named Petrograd and Leningrad. I marathon sightseed the 9th and sort of chilled the 10th.

08.06.2015: Narva - Sct Petersburg - 265km - Estonia/Russia

Headed to the border quite earlyish. Jumped all the cars in the line and waiting for green light to proceed.

An official approached me and asked if had a special slip/piece of paper. Niet. Well... then go and get it.

Showed out to be at the other end of town so after fooling around for an hour trying to find this place, park, fill out some forms, pay a little fee here and there and be handed the famous slip I went back to where I started by now 2h ago. Apart from this little setback getting out was quick... and as always accompanied by curious questions.

07.06.2015: Viljandi - Narva - 224km - Estonia

Stirred but not shaken by hangover symptoms and a rich Nordic breakfast.. and that includes herring if you wanna know... some fiddling with the bike and farewell later I left the magnificant bunch with their families and looked direction Russian border. What a weekend...

03-06.06.2015: Tallinn - Viljandi - 312km - Part 2 - Estonia

To be honest the sleep that night was rather none existent, so after a couple of hours, we got up for some breakfast with their parents and got ready for a ride into the Estonian country side. Cool little ride taking us through an area which I of cause have forgotten the name off, where people at least once a year have to rely on small boats to get around because the whole area floods. Some pitstops to get water and energy bars were needed as somehow the day and night before had left some scars... but all good. Found a mini dune in the middle of the forest where I was fooling around... she finally could do what she does best... (if just the rider could too) with all the luggage left at the house of the parents. What a relieve... she felt like a small 250. Nice.

03-06.06.2015: Tallinn-Viljandi - 312km - Part 1 - Estonia

These days kind of all flow into eachother so better told as one event.

Once back in Tallinn I spent some time at the hotel catching up with various stuff and looking into my next days getting to Sct Petersburg as soon as I would have my bike back.

29.05-02.06.2015: Tallinn-Budapest-Tallinn - 0km (by bike) - Estonia/Hungary

Got some breakfast going and then headed to a square we spotted yesterday on our way home to have a coffee and just chill out our last hours together. I had a flight short past midday to Budapest to see a friend. Pretty good plan actually, because whilst I would head out for some days my bike could be getting the needed TLC in the workshop. Jens himself was catching the ferry later that afternoon.